Thursday, 1 January 2009

Mason launches own Imprint - Animal Language

Animal Language is a new label from Big Fish Little Fish Music management client Mason. Having burst onto the scene with their groundbreaking ‘Exceeder’; a tune that went on to destroying dance floors and tearing it up the charts in 2006, the foundations have been set for the Dutch pairing of Iason and Coen to create a platform for more forward-thinking music.

The Mason sound follows a simple method. Their understanding of melody and a canny ability to fuses it with technological know-how, sheer musicianship and dance floor savvy creates dance music for the thinking man, but not so clever to be alienating and dull. This is about rocking floors and letting the good time roll.

Already the name for Mason’s ongoing series of mix albums, The Amsterdam Tape is, as you would expect, a signature Mason production. Infectiously hooky and uplifting the warm, squelchy electro pads provide the groove while the smart arrangement of builds and drops ensure things don’t boil over too soon. Bomb!

Kippschwinger dips its toe a little further into the underground with a wickedly druggy low-slung groove and washes of chopped up percussion and effects. The knock out punch comes in the form of huge brassy organ stabs and a cheeky over-riding melody. Subtle and obvious all at the same time, this one is genius.

The Kippschwinger Refurb completes this package. Animal Language releases will include a deconstructed pastiche in an alternative musical style. The Refurb of this first release is an epic 80's piano ballad with a serious nod to Dire Straits. Watch out for future Animal Language 'Refurbs' to include anything from Mariachi to thrash metal mixes!

Atalanta's Music goes green for NBC

Big Fish Little Fish Music act Atalanta have had their music featured in a US network TV series, "Eco Trip: The Real Cost Of Living".

The Eco documentary broadcast in the USA by NBC features the track 'Did You Love Me' from Atalanta's forthcoming album 'Blue Tears'. The show also featured a 'Remote' by Big Fish Little Fish Music in house producers Daconga & Thornley as well as tracks from our sister publishing company Suits You Music.


Seminal DJ and producer John ‘00’ Fleming returns to kickstart 2009 with his second instalment of ‘Psy Trance Euphoria 2’.

Together with the first release in the series, and the previous run of White Label Euphoria albums, John has already clocked up sales of almost a million copies for the Euphoria label.

Still one of the most underground dance scenes on the planet, Psy-Trance pulls in massive worldwide festival audiences every continent. Some literally up to a million! Fiercely underground, it has shied away from commercial pressures, making it one of the most popular and well-regarded sub-genres of electronic music.

This 3 cd album captures the current state of Psy Trance. With some excellent and exclusive productions from John and his studio partner, Digital Blonde, as 00db. there are also hot cuts from scene favorites including Infected Mushroom, Astral Projection, Wizzy Noise, Fatali, Push, Chakra and many more.

JOHN ‘OO’ FLEMING SAID: " Its great to be pushing this genre of music with Euphoria again. The first CD was a great success and went down really well. I'm very pleased with this one too and I think it gives a great insight into what is becoming a massively exciting scene. I'm looking forward to bringing the sound to more people this year, both on record and live as a DJ and as 00db"