Thursday, 10 March 2011

Mason featuring Roisin Murphy 'Boadicea' out on Beatport!!!

Mason's latest single "Boadicea" which features the amazing Roisin Murphy is out this week on Beatport.

Remixes come in all shapes and sizes from Evil Nine and Tony Senghore's more electro house leanings to Mat Playford & Danny Howell's disco vibe. There are also wicked interpretations from L.A's Human Life, Belgium's Polydor and German house supremo Oliver $.

The track has been getting major love from some of the biggest club DJs in the World from the like of  Crookers, Fake Blood, Sander Klienenberg, Hernan Catteneo and Dada Life.

"Boadicea" hit the Cool Cuts chart at No. 8 and has been played on every radio station under the sun across the globe.

The track is available exclusively through Beatport