Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Atalanta sign with Total Creative Freedom

Atalanta, the downtempo act based in Brighton have signed a deal with UK based label Total Creative Freedom. The label is the baby of Big Chill label head honco Eugenie Arrowsmith.

The South Coast based imprint will release the band's first single 'Falling' this Summer to be followed with the album "One Thousand Days". 

Eugenie commented that "Atlanta with their blissed-out downtempo  sound, were everything I was looking for when I started Total Creative Freedom. Their debut album is full of great songs and stunning instrumentals, an essential album for music lovers everywhere".

A release date for 'Falling" which includes remixes by Chris Coco, Sumsuch and Innerise will follow shortly. 

Friday, 1 July 2011

Sacha Puttnam Scores Video Game Soundtrack

Big Fish Little Fish are working with composer Sacha Puttnam who is currently scoring Heroes Of Ruin, a brand new game for the Nintendo 3DS published by major video games company Square Enix. The game, developed by n-Space, is due for launch in early 2012. Heroes of Ruin is a multiplayer action adventure set in a fantasy setting.

Sacha, who has worked on numerous film, TV and radio projects is thrilled to be working on his first game soundtrack for such a prestigious company. "It’s a hard area to break into musically as many of the companies are simply a "closed shop". So far I'm really enjoying creating the musical backdrop to this virtual world and hope to be working on more in the future.”

Sacha Puttnam's CV is incredibly varied, having worked with rock acts (Bush) electronic acts ( Hybrid, Chris Coco) as well as scoring a number of feature films and winning awards for his radio play music.