Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Italians get a "Little Love" from Locksmiths

Locksmiths "Little Love" is kicking off nicely in Italy after being licensed to Dace and Love Records in the territory.

The track which is a cover of 'You Give A Little Love' from the movie Bugsy Malone has been remixed by J.Nitti and Fuzzy Hair is climbing up the Italian radio play and tastemaker charts after its first week of promotion.

No less then 9 stations have started playing the tune this week and it looks set to grow over the coming weeks.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Big Fish in the Superclub

Big Fish Little Fish have three tracks on the massive 'Superclub' album this week. The album is a collaboration between Gatecrasher, Cream and Pacha and is a TV advertised behemoth of a dance compilation.

So it's great news that we have some of our top tracks on the album. Mason's 'You Are Not Alone', Gareth Wyn feat. Polaroid 'Beautiful' and the awesome new Rafael Frost mix of Dogzilla's 'Without You' all feature.

Mason's 'Runaway' Big In Belgium !

Well, it used to be all about being "big in Japan" but we reckon it's better to be big in Belgium these days!

Mason's cheeky disco anthem, 'Runaway', is on high rotation on two of the main national radio stations in Belgium this week; Topradio and Studio Brussels.

Expect to hear some brand new remixes of the tune very soon..